Our Company

EnvironX Solutions® formulates and manufactures natural-based, environmentally beneficial direct suppression and retardant solutions that control all above and below ground fires. The result: minimal property damage, no health hazards and increased firefighter safety.

Our Journey

Our journey began with a focus on the safety and health of firefighters. Alarmed by the health issues many fire fighting professionals experienced when employing toxic fire retardants, our engineers set out to develop a completely safe, natural-based, and sustainably produced fire suppressant. Our first product – now called Fire TechX – proved not only safe enough to eat, but the most innovative and effective fire retardant in the industry.



Fire TechX®

Although Fire TechX saves lives, prevents serious injury, minimizes property loss and damage, and reduces costs of fire safety, our researchers were committed to creating an even more effective product.

We are now proud to introduce our latest offering: Peat FireX.

Peat FireX®

PeatFireX is a patented revolutionary weapon in the fight against underground fires. It breaks the surface tension of peat and muck, allowing the product to penetrate deeply into the duff, stopping fires cold. Even the worst underground fire can now be stopped fast, using less water, less manpower, less time and less money. It’s the only natural-based peat fire suppression solution and long-term retardant for underground fires.

Dust TechX®

Dust TechX is a superior dust palliative and dust control product.

Learn more about our revolutionary products… watch videos of fire professionals testing and using them. And contact us with any questions.