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Dust TechX is a superior dust palliative and dust control product.

Dust TechX is unique! Our formula is natural-based and is composed of ingredients derived from a combination of Texas – grown plant material and FDA-approved food products.

  • Safe, non toxic and biodegradable – made from natural-based ingredients
  • Binds to soil particles without residue
  • Provides longer term dust control than both water and/or dangerous chemicals

Dust TechX presents no health concerns to the professionals utilizing the product or the surrounding environment. In fact, as the product biodegrades, it actually becomes a beneficial fertilizer and enhances the environment. The product pulls moisture from the air and continuously reactivates dust control attributes. When Dust TechX is applied to the soil, it binds to soil particles but does not leave a gelatinous residue.

Dust TechX is a colorless, odorless product that will dissolve over time in an inert and environmentally friendly manner. It is far superior to current chemically based products available alternatives, most of which are known to have detrimental and adverse short and long-term effects.

Dust TechX has proven to be a preferred alternative for those who need dust control in an environmentally responsible approach. In addition, the product is a perfect fit for those who do not have industrial waste stream capture capabilities.


Mixing of product should be accomplished in an appropriately sized tank with a pump to agitate the water. Mixing can be done manually if no pump or mixing device is available. At the stated mix rate, there are no corrosion issues with pump, hose or holding tanks deploying the product. Once the product is mixed and in solution form, it can be deployed by any means, virtually without limitation.

Worksite application of product is usually performed by water tender but can be done by manpack or other spray means. A single coat is typically sufficient but additional coats may be used as necessary.

TDM 650: (Tactical Deployment Mixer – 650 Gallon).

TDM 650: (Tactical Deployment Mixer – 650 Gallon).