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Fire TechX is a revolutionary long-term fire retardant.

A natural-based, non-toxic product, Fire TechX is made from natural, sustainable materials. 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe, it’s non-hazardous to humans, livestock or wildlife. Fire TechX is effective wet or dry, and it lasts up to 7 days, degrading completely to a form that actually functions as an natural-based fertilizer.

  • Safe and non toxic
  • Biodegradable – water cleanup, even when dry
  • Applies fast  with existing equipment

Fire TechX will suppress and prevent all Class A fires, including forest fires and threatened structures. Unlike polymer-based chemicals, Fire TechX is natural-based, and readily biodegradable. Where other products damage wildlife and disrupt the environment, Fire TechX promotes regeneration of ecosystems, becoming a natural fertilizer as it degrades. It’s easily washed away with tap water, even when dry – saving home and business owners considerable time and expense.

Previously approved by the United States Forest Service, Underwriter’s Laboratories, and various independent testing labs, Fire TechX is safe, effective, and makes the most of available water and manpower.


tdm-350Fire TechX is delivered in powder form and mixed with water on-site, keeping transport costs down and maximizing response vehicle usage and storage space for end users. EnvironX Solutions provides a range of mixing and deployment systems that will function with your existing tanks. We also provide custom built solutions.