Cotton fires are one of the great issues for management and workers in the cotton industry. Cotton fires must be brought under control immediately, or great damage may result. Even with best practices in place, cotton fiber, airborne fiber and cotton burrs are extremely flammable. Though modern mill design has lessened the number of disastrous fires that have historically plagued textile manufacturing, fire is still a serious issue for the industry.

Enter Peat FireX. Originally engineered to fight subterranean fires – specifically fires in areas of deep buildup of peat and organic matter- Peat FireX has proven to be incredibly effective against cotton and textile fires. Peat FireX breaks through the surface tension of organic matter, allowing the product to penetrate and suppress. Thus the cotton industry is a perfect application for this revolutionary product.

Testing with cotton industry veterans and fire professionals around the globe has proven that Peat FireX is a must-have tool for cotton gin operations. It’s a natural-based product that is completely non-toxic. It has a long shelf life and amazing effectiveness, with easy storage and handling, and will work with existing fire suppression equipment. Peat FireX is shipped and stored in powder form, and is quickly mixed with any water source, using existing mixing and application equipment.

Watch the video above to see Peat FireX in action. Contact us today to learn more about revolutionizing your fire safety preparedness and effectiveness!